X is for Xylophone


It occurred to me today that I should provide additional explanation as to how and why we are using these sight word cards.

We have incorporated the ABA method of using flash cards and objects to evoke language into Dylan’s home program. Our deck of words is made mostly of homemade cards I have created to reinforce other lessons we are doing in various subjects. For example, we have picture/sight word cards to go along with words in his favorite books, as well as his frequently requested toys and food items. So rather than making sight words or language be a standalone activity, we always use objects and pictures that are being used elsewhere.  These words were the ones I used to create the Phonemic Awareness Letter Book shown in THIS post.  I decided to take the lesson further by creating sight word cards, reinforcing activities and a video for each one.  It has helped tremendously!

As I add words, one at a time, I continue to have him work on previous words, carefully recording his progress, and advancing his cards as he progresses.  Make sense?  So we have dozens of cards in various stages and we are always adding new ones.  Once he has mastered a word, we move it to a “refresher” box that is covered twice weekly so he doesn’t lose any knowledge.  Occasionally, I will find a word or two that he previously mastered but no longer knows.  When this is the case, I simply move it back into the daily rotation box.  This method is repeated over and over, as many times as it takes for him to truly master it. If you have any questions or would like to offer your feedback, please do so in the comments. We welcome all insights!

HOW TO USE THE SIGHT WORD CARDS: Use one card at a time. Begin by teaching card #1, which has the word, along with a corresponding full-size image. When your child has mastered this card, replace it with card #2, showing a partial image with the word. Once this one is mastered, move on to card #3, which has a small image incorporated into the word, then finally you can move to card #4 which contains the sight word by itself with no image.



Reinforcing Activities:

Here is our xylophone video!

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